The SoundsWright Day

The session is held over one day or spread over two days including a residential stay (see location & costs for details).

The course is flexible and would always be tailored to the views and needs of the client but, typically, would take the form of four distinct sessions as follows:

  • Making the media your friend – publicity for free. And – what to do when there’s bad news to impart, or defend.
  • Presentation Skills – expert advice with Wendy Gibson- whether it’s your board or a thousand people – getting it right – and wrong.
  • Being interviewed for the media: principles which cover radio, TV, or press. This includes interactive sessions with one-to-one interviews, group evaluation and discussion. Each course member will have individual sessions on camera and in challenging interview sessions.

We use expert BBC camera and sound crews- only the best. After the course, each member will have a DVD of the day for further learning.

Days are usually planned for up to eight course members; these can all be from the same organisation, or a group of individuals from separate companies.

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