Wendy Gibson


Passionate about promoting the North East, Wendy Gibson is a familiar face on television in the region. She is also well known for her business support work, helping facilitate many of the major conferences, awards and events in the region, for major organisations like UKTI, NEPIC, NOF energy, Subsea North East, NECC, EEF, IOD, and Celshealthconnect.

 And using skills from both the business world, and live tv, together with business partner Alan Wright  she shares her skills with you.

 Together  they draw on a powerful communications skills base, jointly accumulated, over fifty years, to give you the confidence and polish to deliver your message in public – whether on camera, or radio, or as a pitch to five, or five hundred.

 The Soundswright day experience, with these two top professionals, generates enthusiastic and heartfelt testimonials for the immediate, ongoing, and practical help that is received at these events.

 Wendy also presents corporate dvds training films, and web tv, including the international tourism campaign to promote the region, Passionate People, Passionate Places.

 A farmer’s daughter from County Durham, now living in Northumberland, Wendy is a Modern Languages Graduate, fluent in French, German, with Italian, and is proud to promote business at home and abroad, and to help you present your business and yourself in the best possible light.