CMV – MAGELLAN – 33 DAYS AROUND THE CARIBBEAN – 12.15 – Thank you for everything you have done for us – our audiences loved you – giving us 20 totally different presentations was brilliant – warmest thanks from all of the entertainment team.

And from passengers ………. “we loved coming to your talks and didn’t miss one – simply outstanding” ………  “I enjoyed the Caribbean so much more after hearing your lovely informative talks – and so much fun too”  …… “I’m a dedicated cruiser and have never heard anyone in your class before – warmest thanks.”

FRED OLSEN, BALMORAL – Alan was our guest speaker on the Mauritius to Cape Town leg of our world cruise and he was simply superb. He is a very experienced after-dinner speaker and how it showed. His combination of really good graphics and ready wit had our theatre audiences in gales of laughter. After his first appearance, word soon spread around the ship and his subsequent appearances were standing room only.

 SAGA PEARL 2 – I thought Alan was just superb. The theatre was full each time he gave a talk. He is so easy to listen to and I wanted to stay to hear every story he had to tell. He was very humorous in all of his talks and I would definitely recommend him again.

 P&O VENTURA – Alan came on board with 8 totally different and beautifully prepared presentations. He captivated our audiences on every appearance and received rave reviews for his very funny style and content. We were delighted to have countless very warm compliments from passengers, best summed up by one who said, “I have been cruising for over 20 years and have rarely seen a speaker of Alan Wright’s sheer quality – flawlessly fluent and an amazing gift to change gear from informative and inspirational to, above all, side-splittingly funny.





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